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 Chloe Lined Voile Curtains
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 Ready Made Blackout Lining (pair)
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Fantastic Nursery Curtain Collection
Welcoming a new addition to the family is a most exciting time, and decorating a nursery ready for the arrival of a baby is one of the most important decorating tasks there is.


Our range of ready made nursery curtains are just the thing for your nursery, in a range of gentle fabrics and styles to co-ordinate with pastel and light colour schemes and allow light into the room, while protecting baby from harsh direct sunlight. Choose from soft voiles and ready made curtains for a delicate nursery window dressing.



Browse through our children’s curtains and fabrics and you’ll find a vast range of ready made curtains and materials that will see your family through every stage of life – from pink curtains for your teenage princesses, to dark, sophisticated colours for growing boys. Whatever your needs, the huge selection at Curtain Wizard means that we always have something suitable in stock to adapt the décor of your home to your family’s changing needs.